Learning from the best

01 Jul
Learning from the best

In my report from this weekend’s John French clinic, I share three tips that every rider can use.

Dominion Veterinary Labs

This weekend, I had the privilege of riding in a John French clinic. A local coach and her students put in a lot of effort and brought this hunter-ring star to our city. John French is one of the top five hunter riders in the world, and he’s won thousands and thousands of dollars catch riding horses in hunter derbies at top shows. He has an impeccable eye, and can bring any horse to the perfect take-off spot in front of a jump. He also has a rare gift: the ability to sense what a horse needs from its rider after just a few minutes on its back.

John worked with six groups of four or five riders over two days. I joined three other riders in the 2’9″-3’0″ hunter group, and I rode with John for almost two hours on Saturday and 1.75 hours on Sunday. It was a completely exhausting and absolutely amazing experience. I’d like to share a…

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